5 Lesser Known Conditions CBD Can Treat

While the big benefits of CBD have made headlines, like its effectiveness treating PTSD, and anxiety, scientists are discovering several more benefits that could help a large percentage of the population. For the first time, the non-psychoactive component has been able to be widely studied, and the list of conditions that benefit from CBD continues to grow.

Smoking Addiction

It might come as a surprise, but CBD has been found to be effective against nicotine cravings in smokers. The results of studies suggest that not only may CBD play a greater role in the market for quitting cigarettes or nicotine, but there may also be exciting possibilities for cannabidiol to treat other addictions or drug withdrawals.


While CBD is known to treat inflammation, one group of scientists decided to see what benefit it could bring to skin maladies like facial acne. A 2014 study published by both the National Institute of Health and the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that testing the use of CBD on people helped their acne overall. Researchers applied a CBD-based cream on the skin of the participants, which through a period of two weeks decreased the secretion of acne-forming lipids and reduced the number of pimples overall. As the results of more studies looking at how CBD affects our skin are released, the beneficial uses for products like topical CBD creams and oils continue to increase.


In one study looking at two group of pre-diabetic female mice, the exposure of the test group of mice to CBD had a dramatic effect on the whether or not the rodents developed diabetes. While 86-100 percent of the control group developed the disease, only 32 percent of the CBD-treated mice did. Scientists even found that the pancreas of each CBD-treated mouse was healthier than the control as well. While studies like this are giving us more data showing the benefits of CBD on Type 1 diabetes, many experts believe it can be used to treat Type 2 diabetes as well. With the long-understood connection between chronic inflammation and insulin reduction (and Type 2 diabetes), the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could very well prove beneficial to this form of the disease as well.


A study focused on the possible use of CBD to treat fibromyalgia has found promising results that may shape future treatment methods for this disease. Out of 56 participants, half were given CBD while the other half used traditional methods to treat their condition. Their results found that those who used cannabidiol saw a much greater overall reduction in the symptoms and pain associated with their Fibromyalgia, while the participants who relied on traditional methods found little to no improvement.

Crohn’s Disease

When bowel conditions like Crohn’s Disease affect a large portion of the population across the country, it would make sense to see what the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol could provide to help treat these painful conditions. While the positive effects of cannabis on the gut have been documented over the years, newer studies have found that no psychoactive CBD recreates many of the same beneficial effects with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s. Findings like this can provide hope to sufferers looking to find legal relief for their painful condition.

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