Parkinson’s Recovery


Evidence recently indicates that CBD provides significant, though temporary relief from the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol oil. It is derived from an extraction process using the Hemp plant. Extracting CBD allows a consumer the medical benefits of natural remedies. CBD in itself has no psychedelic properties and is considered safe for consumption.

Is Purchasing and Using CBD Legal?

Some innovative companies have solved this dilemma by offering a form of CBD that is legal to purchase and use in all states and countries. The CBD that they offer is derived from industrially grown Hemp plants.

Impact of CBD on Parkinson’s Symptoms is Temporary

Use of CBD offers symptomatic suppression of Parkinson’s symptoms much like medications and supplements. It does not address the challenge of healing symptoms from the inside out. If your symptoms are to the point of interfering with an ability to live a full and vibrant life, then you clearly do not have the energy, focus or motivation to formulate a realistic healing program to reverse the symptoms. The initiative that is needed to kick-start a recovery program is impossible to launch when you are feeling lousy. Use of CBD may just provide the kickstart you need to launch a successful journey down the road to recovery.

Research (summarized below) suggests that use of CBD may well offer the opportunity to get temporary relief from symptoms. This is a valuable benefit in itself. When energy, focus and motivation return, the business of taking the actions necessary to heal from the inside out can begin at long last.

Research on CBD and Parkinson’s

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids.   Scientific studies are reporting a wide variety of positive health benefits. CBD has been found to be helpful to the endocannabinoid system. Many scientific discoveries link poor health to endocannabinoid deficiencies.

Bottom Line

The CBD treatment options seem to be a good one to consider, especially if you are having significant challenges with functioning on a day to day basis. There is research on the use of CBD that addresses problems related to trauma, anxiety post-traumatic stress – all of which lie at the core cause of neurological difficulties.

As with any natural treatment option, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that use of CBD will not interfere with any treatments your doctor has prescribed for you.

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