500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil
500 MG CBD Oil

500 MG CBD Oil

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You want to overcome your agonizing chronic pain. You know the kind. Cramped neck. Tight muscles. Stiff achy back that keeps you twisting in bed all night. Makes juggling your job, family, even personal time a headache. Exhausted and irritated, you want to scream! But please don’t. Here’s the natural touch you’ve been looking for…

This CBD oil isn't what you expect. It isn’t some secret serum that only a few can enjoy. But it is natures essential supplement for a balanced lifestyle. 100% CBD oil to soothe your busy body and mind. When you want. Anywhere you want.

Imagine sitting at your work desk. In your uncomfortable black office chair. Slouched over. Shoulders and neck rolled forward. Hastily firing emails hoping someone will finish the project you needed done. Awesome! Brian's gots you covered. But your lower back doesn't. Your poor posture adds painful fuel to your already irritated back. Regardless, you power through the day.

Glancing at the clock, a smile illuminates your face. Yes, lunch time! Starving, you quickly spring from that old chair. Suddenly your existing back pain amplifies. Strikes you like a punch. Claws your sensitive nerves and locks your muscles up. Feels excruciating! Your eyes widen. Nose scrunches. You bite your tongue as streams of sharp pain shoot up your back. OMG Ouch!

Good thing you plan ahead. Because you remembered to pack your 500 mg tincture of CBD hemp oil today. Yes, the convenient pocket sized vial. With zero psychoactive ingredients and a crisp peppermint finish.

Go on, spin the cap. Squeeze the soft rubber topper to fill your pipet. Now drip

3-5 drops under your tongue. Feel that sensational rush? It’s 500 mg of pure hemp cannabinoids. Melts your body's tension like smooth candle wax. And reminds you that powerful relief is always in your hands.

Now go enjoy your lunch break! Or that needed power nap.

Because powerful relief you want is closer than you guessed.

  • Small durable bottle to ensure safe easy travel
  • Soothe continuous chronic pain anytime, anywhere
  • Feeling of alertness, focus and a renewed mindset
  • Reduce painful joint inflammation and move with confidence
  • Will NOT get you “high”. Crafted from 100% Full Spectrum CBD and MCT Coconut oil

You want to feel wonderful throughout your day, right? Then discover natures solution to a better night sleep and a happier healthier you when you order your 500 mgs of pure CBD oil today. Before they’re sold out.

Ingredients included : Pure CBD Isolate Concentrate + Rich Full Plant-Spectrum CBD Oil + MCT Coconut Oil

Contains NO THC (0% THC). Enjoy the health benefits of CBD without any psychoactive side effects.

Orders are shipped out within 7-10 business days.


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